The David Hepburn Study Award

The KwaZulu Natal Kidney Association invites applications for this award from suitably qualified medical, nursing and paramedical personnel registered in South Africa. The award is reviewed each year and for 2009 is R15,000!

  • Applications will be considered by a national committee.

  • It is intended to sponsor a suitable person for a study or research project in the field of kidney disease. The value of the project to the institution that the applicant will serve, will be taken into consideration.

  • .However if, in the opinion of the national committee, none of the proposed projects is considered completely suitable, the award may be held over until the following year.

  • It is desirable that the successful applicant should have been accepted for his/her research or study project by an appropriate research institute, university department or recognised renal unit, either in South Africa or overseas. In addition, if the successful candidate goes overseas, he/she must undertake to return to South Africa for a minimum of three years on completion of the project.

  • Preference will be given to candidates under 50 years of age.

  • Application forms are obtainable from
    The Secretary: KZNKA, P O Box 1332 Durban 4000 or from
    A J F Ross: Tel. 082 492 7945 or Email

  • Completed application forms must be returned to the KZN Kidney Association.

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